National Bank of Kenya (NBK) has launched its flagship education enablement program Elimu Konnect committing KShs. 2B towards the support of the education ecosystems within both Primary and Secondary schools. In a ceremony held at the Hilton Hotel, the bank also announced financing partnership with Kenya Private Schools Association (KPSA) […]

Troubles sorrounding Harambee Sacco appear to be far from over after it emerged that more members were planning to leave. The revelations come just a few days after more than 17000 left the sacco for various reasons. Members who spoke on condition of anonymity said they were leaving because of […]

African civil society groups have expressed disappointment with the progress and expected outcomes from the 27th Conference of Parties of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change taking place in Sharma El Sheikh, Egypt. Coalesced under the Pan-African Climate Justice Alliance, the CSOs said contrary to expectations by Africa, COP27 […]

The latest results from the WorldRemit Cost of Christmas Study show that Kenyan families are expected to spend 17% less on Christmas celebrations this year compared to 2021. The average spending on Christmas is, however, expected to be 1.65 times the country’s average monthly income, highlighting the costs associated with celebrations. Now […]

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